6 Simple Ways To Prepare Natural Holi Colors From Your Kitchen Ingredients

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6 Simple Ways To Prepare Natural Holi Colors From Your Kitchen Ingredients

Holi is among those festivals in India which is celebrated with immense joy and happiness. Family and friends gather together to wish each other and to celebrate the festival of colors. The day is finally here and there’s a lot of preparations for the big day. Sweets, snacks, different types of dishes and of course the colors. Your nearby shops are full of variety of colors, but are they safe?

Well, they might be or they may not be. These colors are as harmful as they can take your life. If not life, the chemicals and synthetic agents present in artificial colors can cause serious skin problems, irritation, allergies and dry skin. Herbal and chemical free colors are also available at the shops. But you don’t need to spend large amounts of money to play a safe holi. You can make natural colors while sitting at your home, and with your own kitchen ingredients. Yes, that’s true!

Here are 6 ways you can make natural colors at your home, and play a safe holi:

1. Herbal Water Color

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For people who like to play wet holi, you can prepare a herbal water color by soaking 100 grams of Tesu flowers in a bucket of water for overnight. In the morning, you will get a beautiful saffron color. Children can fill their balloons or water cannons with this naturally safe water color.

2. Dry Powders with Food Colors

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Fond of playing holi only with dry colors? Your kitchen has a solution for that too. Just take rice flour, add proportionate food color and 2 teaspoons of water to make a thick paste. Leave it to dry and then blend it in a grinder to use it as a powdered color.

3. Herbal Gulal

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You can prepare a herbal gulal at your home with this simple recipe by beauty expert, Suparna Triha. Take 200 grams of arrowroot powder, 100 gm haldi, 50 gm marigold flowers, 20 gm orange peel powder (finely powdered) and 20 drops essential oil of lemon or sandalwood. Put all the ingredients into a large plastic mixing bowl or tub and hand mix, rubbing together gently. You will see a beautiful yellow colored, safe and natural gulal.

4. Shades of Pink

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If you want magenta or shades of pink, beetroot is an excellent option. Boil a few pieces of beetroot in a cup of water to create dark magenta colored water. Or just keep pieces in the water and let it rest for a few hours for the color to develop. For dry powder, grind beetroot to make a paste and let it dry in the sun. Mix with besan or wheat flour and use. Hibiscus flower is also a good alternative.

5. Saffron Tinge

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To prepare powder color, take besan and mix it with some haldi and a little water. Then leave it in the sun to dry. For water colors, soak henna leaves in water overnight and use the water to play Holi in the morning. You can also use henna paste.

6. Go Green

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You can also prepare colors with the help of leafy vegetables to get the green color. Just make a paste of Spinach and coriander leaves, mix it in water and play.

Published by Shruti Kumari on 28 Feb 2018

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