Zee TV’s Bhootu to go the Annabelle way!

Zee TV’s popular fiction drama Bhootu has been engaging the viewers with its interesting and endearing storyline. Over the months, the audience has been seeing Shuchi (Sana Amin Sheikh) enduring every difficulty and passing every test of motherhood to find her beloved Pihu (Arshiya Mukherjee)

Just when she is frantically looking for Pihu, she realizes that the young ghost’s soul is trapped inside a Mishti doll and is finding it difficult to break out of it. As Pihu’s guardian, it is Shuchi’s sole responsibility to protect her and help her escape. Restless Shuchi chases scrap merchants, goes to a recycling factory and beats up guards to search for Pihu. 

The plotline of the show will remind audiences of the popular Hollywood horror movie Annabelle which is also based on a similar concept. While Annabelle freaked everyone out, Bhootu’s innocence and struggle to break free promises to evoke a sense of sympathy and eagerness from the audience to see Pihu free.

Commenting on the show’s sequence, Sana Sheikh said, “The scene instantly reminded me of the movie Annabelle but the only difference is that Pihu’s spirit is innocent unlike Annabelle’s. It will bring about an interesting twist in the show as Shuchi pulls out all the stops to find Pihu just like her mother. The portrayal of emotions will definitely strike a chord with the  audience and make it an interesting watch.”

As the storyline progresses, Shuchi will seek Gopal’s help to figure out a way by which she can save Pihu. She finally asks Anandita to prepare Pihu’s favourite Ladoos to lure her, effectively helping her to escape from the doll’s trap. 

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