Weekly poll results: the Xperia XA2 duo is Sony’s best mid-range effort yet

Sony unveiled three phones at CES and the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra got a warm reception in last week’s poll. There’s no clear favorite, the votes for these two are nearly evenly split (the Ultra wins by a nose).

Many appreciated the upgrades that Sony brought to the XA line-up, things like 4K video recording and bigger battery. Sony’s screens are also held in high regard, especially now that the smaller phone made the jump to 1080p resolution.

The revamped Xperia design didn’t go over so well, however, people found it stale and many harped on the bezels.

The Xperia L2 was mostly overlooked. We guess it’s the type of phone you get because it does the job, not because you love it.

Weekly poll results: the Xperia XA2 duo is Sony's best mid-range effort yet

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