Thief left world’s most expensive bottle after drinking Vodka

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Thief left world’s most expensive bottle after drinking Vodka

A brave thief absconds with the “globe’s costliest” vodka bottle from a well known bar located in Copenhagen.

The ultra-luxe, $1.3 million containers is prepared from 13 pounds of silver and gold and crowned with a diamond-coated lid. The reports stated that it serves as a memorial of Russian auto manufacturer Russo-Baltique’s 100th birth anniversary.

You certainly won’t glimpse it at your neighboring booze shop, however you may have spotted it in House of Cards.

In third season, installment 3, as the Underwood management hosts the Russian president Viktor Petrov at a White House ceremonial dinner, copies of Russo-Baltique bottles were witnessed.

The real world bottle had been borrowed at Copenhagen bar Cafe 33 for a period of 6 months from the Latvia-based Dartz auro firm.

The Danish hot spot’s possessor, Brian Ingberg, boasted Russo-Baltique next to a exhibition of 1,200 other boozes.

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Worst of all, Ingberg said that the bottle was not covered by insurance.

If you see any Russo-Baltique vodka pop up on eBay, give Ingberg a heads up.

A high-end bottle of vodka, which got stolen from a Copenhagen bar, has been discoverd at a building site. The gold and diamond-covered bottle was detected unbroken, save for one thing — all of the vodka was missing.

Prepared from 3 kgs (6.6 pounds) of white and yellow gold, 3 kgs of silver and capped with a diamond-encrusted imitation of the Russian Imperial Eagle on its lid, it is supposed to be value around $1.3 million (€1.07 million).

On Tuesday, the “globe’s most costly” vodka bottle got snatched from a Copenhagen bar with the “globe’s largest vodka assortment”

Police in Copenhagen stated that the rare bottle was detected at a construction place and express gratitude towards “a member of the public” for giving report about the lost bottle, which is currently being analyzed.

“I don’t know what happened with the vodka, but the bottle was empty,” Riad Tooba, spokesperson for the Copenhagen police, stated.

‘Vodka god saved us’

The Danish vodka accumulator and the possessor of Cafe 33 where the bottle was misplaced stated that he was relieved the costly bottle had been securely recovered.

“I feel fantastic. The vodka god saved us,” bar owner Brian Ingberg told the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet. Ingberg said earlier that he had not insured the bottle.

Published by Mamatha on 07 Jan 2018

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