The Voice India Kids’ latest find: Maha Guru Anush

&TV’s popular singing reality show ‘The Voice India Kids’ is creating waves because of the outstanding talent on the show, which has impressed not just the audience but many in the industry as well. 

In the upcoming episode, where all the contestants will try to win the heart of the audiences, a little wonder will leave everyone behind and make coaches go gaga over his performance. A 4-year-old will be seen performing on the stage and winning everyone’s hearts on the show. No wonder he has been awarded the title of Maha Guru on the show.

As per the sources present, Shekinah performed the song ‘Tu bole’ and gathered a lot of adulation from the coaches present over her flawless performance. However, Jay reached out to Maha Guru for his comments. While you might be wondering who this Maha Guru is, let us introduce to you the young musical genius, the 4 year old Anush Mukhiya. He is none other than Shekinah’s brother. The little power house sang the famous song ‘I love you’ from the movie Bodyguard and received a standing ovation from everyone present on the set.

An astonished Jai Bhanushali, the host of The Voice India Kids said, “If I learn to say I love you, the way this little Maha Guru has, I am sure all the girls will fall in love with me!!”. Palak couldn’t stop admiring this little champ and it was quite evident with the smile that never left her face.

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