Rohit Suchanti’s costume mishap on Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Mumbai, 31 January 2018: Rohit Suchanti, who is looking dapper in various traditional attires in Sony TV‘s  Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya (Shashi Sumeet Productions), is currently busy with the preparations for Diya’s wedding. Leaving no space for mishaps, Rohit who plays Ratan is ensuring that Diya has the best wedding experience.

The recent episode saw Ratan shake his legs and give a brilliant performance at the sangeet, which is one of the most anticipated event at every wedding. The sangeet involved a lot of peppy dance numbers and every one was seen grooving in the celebrations.

While shooting this particular sequence, Rohit, who was in an energetic demeanor while performing didn’t realize that his pant button gave away. The actor continued shooting until someone informed him about the same. Not embarrassed with the occurrence, he continued shooting, gave his shot and then got the button stitched back again.

When contacted Rohit Suchanti, he says, “It was indeed a funny incident where I honestly didn’t realize that the button came off while shooting. I completed the shot and then my dress man came running to me to inform the same. I was obviously frozen for a second and my peers even had a good laugh. But, I brushed it off, got it stitched and started shooting again. It was comical.”

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