Protecting Your New Tech In The New Year

Christmas often means a whole lot of new tech to enjoy, and that unfortunately means a whole lot of new security concerns as well.

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations now becoming a rapidly-fading memory, the return to real life has come into sharp focus. However, still having the gifts we received over the festive period to enjoy can take the sting out a little. No doubt these gifts include some exciting new technology, but before you get too excited, there’s some important business to take care of.

Your shiny new devices are like new born babies – they may be exciting and full of potential, but right now they’re vulnerable and need your protection. This means, before you send them out into the big bad world, they’re going to need a security blanket.

While smartphones and tablets have enriched society in many ways, people often forget these devices are just as much computers as laptops are, and therefore susceptible to threats from malware and other security issues. Android devices are particularly vulnerable as their open source nature increases the potential for infection. Your device’s app store will have a load of great antivirus applications which you can install (often for free) to ensure your new tech’s security remains unassailed.

Software aside, it’s important to use common sense when installing apps on your mobile device. If something looks suspicious, or claims to do something which seems too good to be true, think twice. Google any suspicious apps before installing them, and see if there are any issues being discussed.

New technology brings new security concerns. Options and considerations for smartphones, tablets, and PCs are discussed.

Protect your new tech with the latest security software.

Regardless of which brand of computer you have, the first thing to do is make sure it’s secure against digital threats. Most new PCs come with a trial version of McAfee or similar, and sometimes your broadband provider will offer a security product as part of the package (EE broadband comes with a year’s free trial of Norton Security, for example).

However, while these big players are household names when it comes to digital security, there are a whole load of other options out there, which offer comparable protection for a fraction of the cost. Software such as Comodo and Avira provide great security and, as long as you don’t mind the occasional pop-up advert for their premium versions, don’t charge a penny.

It can also be of benefit to install extra scanners to add extra layers of protection. Software such a CCleaner or CWShredder can be used to root out corrupted files, browser hijackers, and other well-hidden security flaws. Viruses aren’t the only concern when it comes to digital security, so it’s best to cover yourself in every way that you can. 

The great thing about there being so many free security options available is that there is no limit to how many you can use. FileHippo provides all the security software you need to make sure your brand new devices will keep you entertained for many years to come.

Or at least until the new model comes out!

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