Nilasha to puncture the tire of Ishaan’s car in Jamai Raja

Mumbai, January 22, 2018: It’s ‘tit-for-tat’ time in Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja

With both Ishaan (Arjun Chakraborty) and Nilasha (Shreema Bhattacherjee) trying to teach each other a lesson, the drama quotient in the upcoming episodes of the series will escalate a notch higher.

Well, according to our source, in the coming episode, Nilasha will go to the car parking area and puncture the tire of Ishaan’s car with her hair clip.   

On the other hand, back home Ishaan will chalk out a plan. First, he will tell all the family members that they will make a trip to the hills and the tickets have been purchased for the same and then will message Nilasha that the next day she will have to reach office at 6 am. 

Now naturally, against the wishes of everyone, Nilasha will have to cancel the trip.

But the lady will answer back soon.

During dinner, she will tell everyone that her boss will leave her at 2 pm so after wrapping up her office work, she will go for shopping with Ishaan. She will ask Bibi (Chaiti Ghoshal) to bring Ishaan in front of her office at sharp 2 pm.  Now what will Ishaan do? How will he manage? That only  time will tell. 

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