Mophie’s Powerstation AC is the only backup battery you’ll ever need

Mophie’s been a solid, consistent maker of external batteries and backup power sources, but its new Powerstation AC just might top them all. The large, 22,000 mAh powerhouse has ample output options – including a crucial one that most backup batteries lack: a standard AC plug, just like you’d find in a wall in your home.

The Powerstation AC also has a 30W USB-C port with power delivery, which can charge your MacBook or Nintendo Switch at normal speeds; and a USB-A 2.4A Quick Charge port for you iPhone, Android or tablet. It features priority passthrough charging, so you can charge it while connected to another device overnight, and it charges via standard USB-C so you can fill it up with the same charger you use to power your MacBook, Android smartphone or Switch, too.

That last bit is a key differentiator: I’ve used big battery backups with AC outlets before, but most of these use a dedicated AC adapter with a non-USB connector to ensure the battery charges back up quickly. Using USB-C PD is a much better option, and one that’s far more practical for when you’re using the Powerstation AC on the road – which is exactly where you need it most.

Other Mophie details are still here, too, including an LED power indicator you can access with the push of a button to figure out how much juice you have left on board, and the company’s attention to design. A fabric-wrapped shel is both durable and comfortable to hold, making this one of the few options in this category that doesn’t look like it would be more at home on a factory floor than in your living room or office.

Of course, a key ingredient for any power brick that can also work with AC gadgets is a lot of capacity. At 22,000 mAh, the Mophie is among the leaders in the space in this regard. It translates to roughly 100 extra hours of smartphone use, or about 15 hours of additional USB-C laptop use, depending on what kind you’re using. And, the 90W output of the AC port means you’ll be charing at full power.

The real advantage of the Mophie here is its versatility. It has every port you need, and then some. The AC plug has saved my bacon at least twice during testing, including when I arrived at a press event with my MacBook Pro at 22 percent, and when I forgot to charge up my Canon 5D’s battery overnight. That’s why this is the be-all and end-all of chargers, and Mophie’s done a great job making it all work with a focus on quality and design, and at $200, a price that’s reasonable for this level of functionality.

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