Manasi Parekh talks about her FB show 'Super Moms' & motherhood

The digital platform is ‘the’ place to be these days for anyone and everyone who seeks to communicate his or her piece of mind.

Crime, thriller, suspense, wedding diaries talk about any genre, our TV celebs love experimenting with different ideas on different digital platforms. One such tinsel town beauty is Sumit Sambhal Lega fame Manasi Parekh who is renowned in the fraternity for her versatility and acting. 

Manasi is a mellifluous singer, an astounding actress and undoubtedly, a super mom.

The actress had an adorable little princess in Nov 2016 and is juggling with great precision in the role of a mother and an actress. She is enjoying her motherhood and to honour the struggle of moms who are on their toes 24*7 for the family, she has conceived and created a new show for the digital users on Facebook titled “Super Moms.”

In rendezvous with TellyChakkar, Manasi Parekh said, “After being a mother myself I thought about it and came up with the concept of Super Moms.”  She further added, “One needs to know what struggle a lady goes through being in a role of a mother and also talk about the same and what better than talking about all the high and lows of being a mother with all the super moms out there.”

The first episode that aired on Manasi’s Facebook page was a great success as moms from all around the globe were keen on knowing what the show had to offer. 

“I am writing my own scripts for the show based on the previous episodes’ response and comments,” Manasi says. Both the father-daughter duo, Parthiv Gohli and Nirvi are super supportive to Manasi’s new show. “Parthiv is absolutely hands on and is always supporting me in whatever I choose to do. It’s because of him that I am able to do what I want to do with such a small baby on board,” Manasi added.

‘Super Moms’ is going to be a weekly thing and many other yummy mommies from the industry are going to come together to share their roller-coaster ride of being a mother. 

“It’s not always a day filled with roses for a mom, there are bad days too; motherhood ain’t perfect, you have your sets of high and lows; what matters is that you give it your best shot,” says the lovely actress.

Way to go Manasi! Kudos to you on thinking up such a creative and innovative concept for all our super moms out there. TellyChakar wishes you all the luck for ‘Super Moms’ and your future endeavors.

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