Juhi Parmar pours her heart out about her failed marriage

Marriages are made in heaven and broken here. While we know of quite a few couples who have walked down this road before, it is still always shocking when we hear about another loving couple going downhill. TV stars Juhi Parmar and her husband Sachin Shroff filed for divorce just last week. There was no confirmation on this from either of them until now. Both sides had done their best to keep this under wraps, but, today TellyChakkar had a one-on-one conversation with the Shani actress Juhi Parmar who openly spoke about the reasons behind the failure of this marriage.

She shared, “It is been more than a year now that Sachin and I are living separately. Sometimes things don’t work out and in our case as I mentioned earlier compatibility was the major reason behind our separation. With the time passing we both understood that things were not working out between us. We tried our best and never kept divorce as an option. But, I believe that one should not be part of a forced relationship. With the course of time we realised that we need to take a decision. Since we belong from good family and blessed with a beautiful daughter, we didn’t want to make it controversial which would affect us and our child.”

She continued, “My daughter Samaira stays with me and whenever she or Sachin wish to meet each other, I am totally fine with it. Sachin and I are still in a talking terms and there is no bad blood between us. Instead of being in a bad marriage, I would prefer to be good friends which we are now. I want to thank my parents and close friends like Pooja Bedi, Aashka Goradia, Shani producer Siddharth Tewary, Salil Ankola and his wife for their constant support and lending their hands whenever I was in need. It is very important to have people around you when you are facing a tough time in life. Like other girls, even I had few questions in mind running constantly if I am doing the right thing and should I really move on in life? However, I had to take a decision which was a difficult one but better for our future.”

When asked if her daughter Samaira misses Sachin, she replied, “If she misses him I make sure that she goes and meets her father. I am not distancing dad and daughter and I will never do that. There is no ego between us.”

Even though there were speculations that their marriage failed because of Sachin’s laid back attitude and Juhi’s aggression, the actress had something else to say, “Let me clear the air that Sachin is not a lazy person and if I was an aggressive woman I wouldn’t have managed to complete two decades in the industry and had such good friends with me. A lot has been written but it isn’t anyone’s business to know who brings food on my table.”

Juhi who is known for her candor and for speaking her mind said, “I am a very emotional person but I have the guts to call a spade a spade.”

Lastly, when asked about her thoughts on second marriage, she replied, “I haven’t thought about it as my child’s future and career is my priority at the moment.”

This tinsel town couple turned Mr and Mrs in February 2009 and went on to become parents of a beautiful daughter. It is evident that the two started off their marriage on a good note and all was fine in paradise before irreconcilable differences found their way into the relationship over a period of time. This news about trouble between Juhi and Sachin started doing the rounds just within 2 years of their marriage, but, there was no confirmation on this. It was only in 2016, when the couple began living separately and this news became the talk of the town once again.

All things come to end even when we hope for otherwise. Here’s wishing Juhi and Sachin all the best for the new innings of their lives.

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