Jashoda to disappear in Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram

Kolkata, 24 January 2018The upcoming episode of Akash Aath’s Chhoy Masher Mega: Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram will take a dramatic turn.

Avid viewers of the show would know that after witnessing death so closely, Jashoda (Lily Chakraborty) had become quiet and locked herself up in her room.

Now, according to our source, in the coming episode of the series, when the maid will enter Jashoda’s room to serve her food, she will notice that Jashoda is not in her room. Even after searching the entire old age home, they will find no trace of Jashoda.

OMG! Where has she gone then?

On the other hand, Sammyo (Emon Aditya) will be down with fever. He will constantly remember his grandmother. So, seeing Sammyo’s condition, the doctor will suggest his parents to bring his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Aakash (Rajib Bose) will receive a call from the old age home. He will get to know about Jashoda’s disappearance. What will happen now? Where has Jashoda gone? Will Aakash be able to find her at the right time? Only time will tell.

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