I was remembering Mika while doing the kissing scene, Rakhi Sawant on 55 retakes

Mumbai, 25 January 2018: Recently, the drama queen Rakhi Sawant buzzed the internet with her latest post on social media. In her recent viral post, Rakhi was seen struggling to kiss on-screen. The Bigg Boss fame, Rakhi was shooting for her next film, directed by Shahid Kazmi, wherein she plays the female lead.  For the untitled film, the reality starlet had to do a kissing scene, which also happens to be her first on the screen. The actress was so ‘uncomfortable’ while doing the sequence that she had to give 55 retakes for the said shot.

In an exclusive conversation with TellyChakkar, Rakhi shared shocking details that transpired during the filming. Here are the excerpts –

“I was uncomfortable”

Talking about her first kissing scene the actress shared, “I was tensed while shooting it. Mujhe bohot tension ho raha tha.  I had never done this before. I was very uncomfortable. I literally had to gulp a half bottle Black Label to shoot for the kissing scene. I’m a dancer and it was the character’s demand to do the scene. I’m not used to it. I was very low you can see it in the video.”

“The scene was not there in the contract”

Rakhi, who plays the character of a drug addict revealed that she was unaware of the kissing sequence. She said, “It was the character’s demand but when I was signing the contract there was no such demand. I went out of the station (Kashmir) and that is when they informed me that there’s such a sequence. I denied doing it, but they said we’ll teach you. The concept is such that I couldn’t refuse it.”

“I was remembering Mika”

Rakhi also shared a rather shocking anecdote while filming. The bold actress revealed, “Mujhe baar baar scene karte waqt, I was remembering Mika. That accident was coming in my mind every time. I was scared. It felt like somebody is forcing me…using me. I didn’t feel I was acting and in front of the camera, I felt it was happening again. There are certain things that still haunt you. People don’t forget such things.

“So what if I’m strong?”

Rakhi, who has always come across as a strong persona felt miserable while shooting for the required scene. Abruptly comes her revert, “So what? Aisa nahi hai ki strong hoon toh kuch bhi kar lungi.” She further added, “I did tell my directors many times that I won’t be able to do it. But he was like you can try. I don’t have any reaction to the scene. I told my co-actor to do everything; I won’t be able to do it.”Not just the kissing scene, Rakhi also had to do a bold nude sequence, where she is getting slapped by a hunter. Talking about that part she uttered, “I don’t know how the director made me do. I still have scars of that hunter on my back.”

“I salute Emraan Hashmi”

Rakhi shared another interesting anecdote while shooting for the film. She narrated how her car slipped in a heap of snow. “Main marte marte bachi hoon. But slip hone ka jhatka nai tha jitna kissing ka tha (Slipping in the snow wasn’t that shocking as much as the kissing scene was). I salute Emraan Hashmi and everyone, how can they do kissing scenes? Honestly, dancing is very easy, kissing scenes are very difficult.”   

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