I have always said that Dev has improved: Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Director Kamaleswar Mukherjee feels that Dev’s acting has improved.

Recently, in a quick telephonic conversation, Mukherjee said to TellyChakkar, “I have always said that Dev’s acting has improved.”

Kamaleswar’s recently released adventure flick Amazon Obhijan which stars Dev as adventurer Shankar, has achieved the rare milestone of box office collections worth Rs. 1 crore on a single day on Christmas in Bengal.

Although the film is doing well in terms of box office, Dev’s performance has received mixed reaction. Speaking about Dev, Mukherjee said, “I have always said that he has improved. Now people have realized that only Dev could have pulled off the role of Shankar.”

Shot extensively in the forests of Amazon, Amazon Obhijan is a sequel to Chander Pahar So, will there be a third film on the same line, we asked to which he replied, “If people like it then we can definitely think about it but as of now we have not planned anything.”

Produced by SVF, the film is currently running in the theatres.

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