Google Pixel & Pixel 2 Users Reporting Issues with Swipe Gestures on the Lock Screen

The Google Pixel line of devices launched in 2017 and has replaced the Nexus line in receiving Android version upgrades first. With Android 8.1 Oreo releasing recently, it came with a number of improvements and bug fixes over the initial release of Android Oreo. However, it seems to have also brought some new problems when it comes to using the lock screen according to multiple reports from users on Reddit and Google’s Product Forums. Apparently, both generations of Pixel devices running Android 8.1 Oreo appear to be affected.

The main complaints relate to the difficulty of using the lock screen, with swipe gestures requiring a full device-wide swipe. This includes swiping away notifications, accessing quick toggles, swipe to unlock the device and even answering phone calls. To answer a phone call, one reportedly has to swipe directly from the bottom of the screen to the top. Swiping away notifications requires a near edge-to-edge motion.

It is currently unknown what is causing the issue, and not every Google Pixel user reports it either. Some people are reporting their devices are fine, meaning that this bug may possibly be user dependent. If you suffer from the issue, you can submit feedback to Google from your device’s settings. Navigate to Settings, About phone and tap Send feedback about this device. Fill out the feedback form and optionally include system logs. This should help to bring more attention to the issue.

It is currently unknown if factory resetting your device will fix the issue, as one user reported that resetting their device in recovery mode caused the problem to disappear.  This is very much a last resort option, however, as it will mean that you will lose all of your data. What’s more, it may not even work.

Do you have the same issue with your Google Pixel device? Let us know in the comments, and hopefully, it’s fixed soon.

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Source 2: Google Product Forums

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