Find out confessions of Aishwarya Sakhuja

Mumbai, 26 January 2018:  As George Curos rightly said, “Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.” Digital platform has become ‘the’ place to be these days for anyone and everyone who seeks to communicate their piece of mind. Growing up each one of us has been a fan of one or the other celebrity and love when we get to communicate and learn from them.

Social media is one of the most customary platform that keeps us connected and informed. Tinsel town celebs are no less than the common people. They love to stay connected with their fans through social networking portals.  

One such telly town beauty, who is viewed as the perfect Bahu with paramount culinary skills and was admired for her role in Sony TVs’ Saas Bina Sasural, is Aishwarya Sakhuja. She has recently taken to her social media (Facebook) handle to share with her fans her true self and her set of imperfections in the form of video segments with a hashtag ‘#ConfessionsOfAnAmeaturCook.’

In a tête-à-tête with TellyChakkar, the gorgeous beauty says, “The audience feels that we TV celebs are nothing but perfect in all what we do but we have our set of imperfections.” Aishwarya has started her own interactive segment on her social media handles where she cooks and shares some out-of-the-box recipes with her fans and cooks along with them in the videos.

“We, actors, are always put in limelight and we always prefer sharing the best picture or video with the fans; not the imperfect ones. My videos will not only focus on the picture perfect videos but will show my flaws as a cook; as I am a bad cook. I will be seen fighting and excelling the art of cooking slow and steady in my segments,” says Aishwarya on being asked about the thought behind #ConfessionsOfAnAmeaturCook.

The striking Aishwarya, who was last seen in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Take 2, shares that few of her experiments are tasted by her love, Rohit Nag who like an adorable partner tastes the experimented food created by his lady love. “Rohit is the better cook out of us two without a doubt, I can’t even make a round roti and I am like the sous chef while he cooks delicious food,” Aishwarya says.

The fans’ response to her cooking videos have been really supportive and commendable says the actress. “I will stick to my social media handles and won’t like to launch a Youtube channel as of now. The video segment will be twice or thrice a month,” Aishwarya shared. The beguiling actress is filled with more ideas to connect with the fans and says she will be soon coming up with her gym workout videos too.

Kudos Aishwarya! Keep the ideas flowing! TellyChakkar wishes you all the luck and progress for your future ideas.

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