Czar Securities: A Cyber Security Startup Awarded By PM Narendra Modi Himself!

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Czar Securities: A Cyber Security Startup Awarded By PM Narendra Modi Himself!

Shikhil Sharma and Ananda Krishna were students of the same college (NIIT) and often met as were among last people to visit mess of college and eventually ended up sitting together and discussing their own blogs on cybersecurity.

They soon started working on projects together. By doing so many projects, they got the idea of their own startup called Czar Security Services. Shikhil and Ananda feel that in the initial days they were more like freelancers developing a product, and the startup was more like a project looking at security testing services.


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Ananda, who now takes care of technology for the firm, states, “We were basically those guys who you give web applications to find loopholes in.”

“We intentionally used to find vulnerabilities in Adobe and Microsoft’s systems, a couple of times. But they were kind enough to respond and correct it,” Shikhil says.

One of the first jobs for their firm was ensuring the security of their University’s cloud campus programme. At around the same time, the firm also signed the contract with a car marketplace called

Now, for automated testing, the company has its own security suite, ASTRA. ASTRA helps companies to scan malware and creates a web application firewall amongst other things. The company also helps clients see videos of vulnerabilities and helps with steps to fix the bugs.

Shikhil says, “Internally, we’ve reduced the testing time by 60 percent as we have automated multiple processes, which give our client a much better report. All in all, we no more see security testing as a service; it is now a product as everything happens on the cloud!”

The founders say ASTRA has more than 400 global customers at present. “We want ASTRA to be a security suite. A customer does not understand the complexities of infosec field; that’s the reason they come to us. So, in order to give our customers a complete website, app and server testing under one roof, we have partnered with AppKnox and RoboCyberWall, which offer patent-pending server security solutions.”

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The security suite has three active pricing plans ranging from 9 euros a month to 119 euros, depending on the business plans.For security scan services (manual), the company can charge anywhere from $500 per scan and go up till $5000 per scan, depending on the infrastructure size and other factors like website, traffic or the technology stack used.

The students were awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the presence of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as well as Minister of Law and Justice and Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Earlier last year the company also was one of the winners of the French Tech Ticket, a programme run by the French government for foreign startups to promote and entrepreneurship. Their Cyber Security firm has recieved 57000 Euro (equity free). The company is looking to take its security solution to a million websites and apps in the next 5 years.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 25 Jan 2018

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