Check out our video guide on how to choose the best phone for you

In the closing days of 2017, we commented on the best and worst phones of 2017. We shared honest opinions on what impressed us, what left us disappointed and what we are looking forward to in the next 12 months.

Our editor Angie went even further with a neat step by step explanation on our YouTube channel how to choose the best phone. She goes thoroughly from selecting a budget all the way to giving a first-hand pro tips and advice.

The video has everything from commentary on the different storage options to suggestions how to quickly gauge in store whether a phone is right for you or not.

If this video has helped you with narrowing down the selection, feel free to comment below and share with us what phone have you decided to purchase.

You can also check out our latest edition of the Buyer’s Guide where we highlight some of the most worthwhile phones in every price range.

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