What? Vikas CONFESSES of stealing Karan Kundra's shirt!

The Bigg Boss house is so full of surprise revelations and the show is well known to let all the cats out of the bag.

A lot many revelations shook the house of late. Many new things came out, some shook us to the core and some of them were seriously tongue in cheek!

Be it Priyank’s drag AVATAR or Shilpa revealing Vikas’ involvement in casting couch! There have been several such instances.

In the recent episodes we saw the makers grilling the contestants by making each of them reveal certain things that are indeed accurate in order to incite or make them furious! And we must say, it was a job well done by all the Bigg Boss inmates!

In today’s episode we will see another secret let out but this time the TWIST in the TALE would be that the secret will be let out right from the horse’s mouth! 

Vikas will be seen discussing with Shilpa about the shirt he will be wearing for the day.

The bone of contention in the conversation will be nothing else but the same shirt Vikas will be seen in during the repartee!

In the course of the small talk, Vikas will reveal that HE HAD STOLEN the shirt he is wearing! 

And guys, do you know who the shirt actually belongs to? 

Let us make it simple for you, the shirt belongs to KARAN KUNDRA! Yeah… You read it right!

Vikas will be seen owning up on national TV that the shirt he is wearing belongs to Karan Kundra. The lost Boy Productions’ head honcho will reveal that he has a habit of stealing things from people! 

Lovely habit we must say (Pun intended)! That surely adds another feather to Vikas’ cap!

He will also tell Shilpa, that it would now be exciting to see how Karan will react to it! Not just that, he will also say that he has been stealing things from people and later on revealing it them. And it has always been pretty exciting and exhilarating at the same time for him to see their reactions when they come to know the truth!

We must say this is a WEIRD FETISH! 

What do you have to say about this guys? Drop in your comments below.

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