We might see the Snapdragon 845 in Chromebooks

Just like the Snapdragon 835 in 2017, we can expect to see the Snapdragon 845 in many high-end smartphones during 2018. Qualcomm recently announced its Snapdragon 845 CPU at a launch event in Hawaii. At the event, Qualcomm had a lot to say about the “Always Connected PCs” running Windows 10 on the ARM architecture.

Chromebooks may also be able to take advantage of Qualcomm’s Always Connected PC ideology, according to a couple of Chromium commits found by XDA Developers. The first of these commits references a new board called “chezea” while a later commit defines ‘chezea’ as a new board overlay for a reference device that runs the Snapdragon 845.

This means that we might see Chrome OS devices powered by the super-efficient Snapdragon 845. We’ve already seen how well the CPU can handle Windows 10, so imagine how well it would run the much lighter Chrome OS while minimally sacrificing battery life.

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