Useful Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp In Tough Situations – Part 1

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Useful Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp In Tough Situations – Part 1

In this era of competition, you cannot afford to lose anything. Every second person will try to overcome you and will try to demotivate you so that you will not be able to reach to success. Anxiety, depression, struggle, etc may hit you up and here keeping your mind cool to think is very essential. Here is the first part of some useful tips to keep your mind sharp in tough situations.

1. Stay Away From Stress

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Stay away from stress as much as possible. Think about really important things and try to complete them as soon as possible, before the deadline. Practice exercises like meditation, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. on regular basis.
It is easy to say or think about implementing, but you have to be very strict with yourself, don’t be lazy, if you have any physical problem, avoid all other exercises and do only meditation or do exercises which are recommended by your doctor only.

2. Improve Eating and Drinking Habits

Stay away from junk food, soft and cold drink as much as you can. However, having them once a month is acceptable. Eat green vegetables and have a proper diet as recommended by your trusted doctor.

If possible, have a heavy breakfast, medium lunch, and very light dinner. Try to have your dinner before 8 pm. Shift your daily tea or coffee habits to twice or trice a week and drink lots of water daily.

3. Have Clear Notes

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Make a short and clear timetable or to-do list. Write only important things with specific date and time. Follow your timetable strictly.

4. Meet Or Talk To People Who Are Related To Your Field

Try to talk or meet different people who are actually working in your field of interest. They will give you the knowledge and your mind will feel happy. Discuss new trends in your field or just discuss your ideas and take their feedback, especially from close friends because they will tell you the real truth about your idea or goal.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 22 Dec 2017

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