Unknown FACTS about India's Next Top Model 3 winner Riya Subodh

The sexy and scintillating Riya Subodh charmed everyone with her smile and ultimately won the title of India’s Next Top Model season 3.
The girl from Ahmedabad gave a tough competition to other aspiring models and excelled in all the tasks with her confidence and charisma.

The avid followers of the show would know that Riya is a very emotional person but there are a lot of other aspects which her fans are completely unaware of.

Here’s Riya, sharing some interesting unknown facts about herself which you will thank us after knowing. Read on!

People don’t know but I am very good cook. I make a delicious Gujarati dish, Khandvi.

If not a model I would have been an air-hostess. Since I did not have that kind of money to pay the fees, I dropped the idea.

Since my mother is an accountant, she wanted me to follow her career graph but I was determined to pursue modelling and excel in that. And my parents have always supported me in my decision.

Since I am well toned people thing that I diet a lot but that is totally untrue. I thank my metabolism which keeps me fit. In fact, I am big foodie and I love eating spicy food.

I have a habit of falling off from the bed while sleeping. And yes, I don’t like to share my bed with anyone.

My hobbies are singing and dancing, and let me tell you this that I ace at it.

I don’t prefer applying a lot of make-up. Instead I believe in natural remedies to keep my skin radiant.

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