Two B-town stars and two IPL cricketers failed to satisfy me – Sofia Hayat

Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat became the latest victim of online trolling. She had shared a picture of hers from her delayed honeymoon vacation in Egypt on Instagram and in no time, people started trolling her for they mistook the object in her hand to be a ‘dildo’

Upset with such negative comments, Sofia exclusively told how some Indians don’t know the power of healing crystals, their lack of sex education, orgasm and more. 
“I am upset on getting trolled over a picture. When I’m with my previous crystals, some Indians called it a ‘dildo’ on Instagram. Those Indians obviously have no education on what healing crystals do and the power behind them. They are the ones that see the female as an object used just for sex. I’m a nun and they need to show me respect. They all are my sons. But they see my pictures other way,” said Sofia in a statement.

Hayat continues, “They have been taught that sex is dirty and have no understanding what it is like to truly love a woman. Anyone who does use a dildo is because men don’t satisfy them because a lot of men don’t know how to satisfy a woman. They think only of their own pleasure but they don’t know that when a woman has been opened like a flower, his pleasure and power will be greater.”

She further added that none of the Indian celebrities that she had dated knew how to respect, love or satisfy her.

“I have dated two Bollywood male stars and two IPL cricketers and let me tell you, none of them knew how to respect and love the female goddess or to satisfy me. They were finished before they were started. That is not loving yourself or your partner. It is a waste of sacred energy and a waste of time for a woman,” said Sofia who made news for dating Rohit Sharma.

“So then I used a dildo. Most women put up with this nonsense because they don’t know the difference. Vlad is the only man I have made love to. His orgasm is not his priority. He worships my form, my energy and my orgasm. He is honoured that he is in my presence everyday and honoured that he shares my embrace.”

Sofia said that she has requested her best friend Rakhi Sawant to gift her condoms as she believes in practising safe sex. 

“Rakhi Sawant is my bestie and as she knew I’m enjoying my honeymoon with my husband, I’ll  need condoms. I want her to gift me those condoms for my safety. As I believe in practicing safe sex.”

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