Smriti Irani should feel proud to have worked with me: Amar Upadhyay

The talented and versatile actor Amar Upadhyay has always charmed us with his flawless acting skills and is currently entertaining us with his stint in Sony TV’s Ek Deewana Tha.

Nobody can forget Amar’s portrayal as Mihir Virani in Kyunki. The Balaji Telefilms’ show is one of the longest running and iconic shows on TV. Amar and Smriti Irani’s jodi is evergreen. The Tulsi and Mihir chemistry was magical and struck cords with the audience effortlessly.

While Amar is giving credible performance in his acting career, Smriti Irani as we know, is the I & B and Textiles Minister, we asked the former he feels proud to have worked with the actress turned politician, he replied, “She should be proud about it. Excuse me? We are proud that she is our minister and she is doing so well in politics. But it has been 25 years now that I am working in the industry and she should be happy that she has worked with me.”

Actors from his era namely Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy and others are still seen playing the lead roles, don’t you think you should also get a chance, to which he replied, “Saath Nibhana Saathiya had a very prominent role for me to play hence I chose to be part of it. I was little skeptical to play a father’s role in Ek Deewana Tha and fans have been texting me stating why am I playing a father’s role as I don’t look like one. But I took up the project only because of producer Prateek Sharma as he happens to be a good friend and we have worked earlier together. I know his vision and that’s why I gave a node to this show. From here on I am going to be careful what I chose next. For more couple of years I can play the lead role. Prateek in fact told me once that had Saathiya wrapped up little earlier he would have given me the lead role. However, by then he had already locked his male leads.”

Talking about the current TRP race, he shared, “These days’ shows with 2 TRPs call for a party. I feel like laughing. Whereas back in time, Kyunki and other shows have gained the TRP of more than 25. I still remember when Mihir had returned the show we had the TRP of 29 which was a huge number. No other show has witnessed that amount of ratings.  Time has changed and we got to change with the time.”

Good luck Amar!

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