Sahil Khattar to launch his own channel

YouTube star Sahil Khattar will soon launch his own online channel, Khattarnaak, which will deal with “all things dangerous”.

The first episode, which will go live on Wednesday, will have Khattar asking people about love bites. Apart from vox pop, the channel will have varied content like spoofs and parodies.

“Khattarnaak is going to be a YouTube channel. The name has been given after my last name, Khattar. The meaning of Khattarnaak is ‘all things dangerous’. We will start with vox pops which is also known as street interviews. So, we are maintaining our ‘Road Ka Raja’ image,” Khattar said in a statement.

“We are looking at a complete youth channel. It will have sketches, original music, spoofs, parodies and much more. We want to engage the youth and feature their issues but in a fun way,” he added.

He is also hosting the dance-based TV show Dance India Dance season 6. 

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