Pallavi Pradhan is giving tough time on the sets of Jiji Maa! The actress reacts

TV actresses and their tantrum rumours are not new in the industry. It has been often reported about actresses giving a hard time to the cast and crew of her respective shows. However, when a versatile actress like Pallavi Pradhan’s name pops up for throwing shades on the sets, it sounds quite indigestible.

A little birdie from the show informed us, Pallavi who plays a prominent role in Jiji Maa, has been giving tough times to the whole unit. It all began when Pallavi started reporting late on the sets and was constantly adamant to leave on time. Per an insider’s claims, she doesn’t shoot for more than four scenes a day. It just didn’t stop over here! In a recent track where Pallavi had to sit in the backseat of a bike, she stalled the shoot for around two hours. Pallavi refused to sit behind Tanvi and was asking for a dummy. The shoot was halted for quite some time and it took hours by the production team to convince the 42 year old actress.  

Such scoops are highly inflammable, hence to confirm the news we dug a bit deep. We got connected with  few other sources from the show. And the complaints didn’t cease. “She also changes the call time according to her mood,” an informer tipped.

According to the source, her tantrums are increasing day by day however, they are not enough for the makers to replace her, not just yet! One of the prime reasons why the show is doing well is Pallavi’s character and therefore replacement is surely not on the cards. 

To know the whole truth from the horse’s mouth, we dialled Pallavi Pradhan who plays Uttara Devi in the daily soap. Discussing about the bike incident Pallavi shared, “I’ve fallen on my knee during the shooting of Bahu Hamari Rajnikant. My doctor has asked me to take care of it or else a knee replacement would be the only cure. Also, it’s different to sit behind a stud and a thin girl on a bike. I was not confident about myself. I was not confident if Tanvi will be able to handle me with my weight, my heavy makeup and all. I just didn’t want to take any risk. I was being cautious and honestly, the producers understood it. They did some jugaad and we had a fun shooting.”

Refuting rumors about her tantrums, Pallavi revealed that she has always been a fun person on the sets. “See, if I say that I won’t work without an AC, it’s all said in fun and jest. These days actors can’t throw tantrums on the sets. No production house will stand an actor’s huff. They’ll replace the actor right away. Having said that, sometimes you have to put your foot down for the betterment of the show. For instance, once I was stubborn about a pen that Uttara Devi would be using in the episode,” the artist said.  

Pallavi who always puts things in her perspective further added, “the actors and the production house share a beautiful bond with each other. Jhagde kaha nahi hote (people fight all the time). Back home sometimes, I have misunderstandings even with my mother. However, post all of it one needs to start afresh the other day.”

Two different perspectives narrating two different sides of a coin!

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