Oh Shit! Vikas to show his poop in Bigg Boss 11

 Things are getting quite nasty  and dirty in the Bigg Boss house. This week’s luxury budget task has seen contestants’ family members entering as Padosis in the Bigg Boss house.

In a series of tasks, the housemates have to play individually and impress their family members. In one of the tasks  that will be telecast in tonight’s episode, the contestants will have to ignore an individual from time to time. However,  the ignored individual will have to evoke reactions from other housemates.

During the task, everyone tried their best to induce emotions and reactions. Luv Tyagi crossdressed once again and others pulled out their their game to win the task. However the the ‘mastermind’ , Vikas Gupta went on another tangent to win the task.

According to a credible insider, Vikas will show his poop to the housemates. Well, hold on your horses before you puke!

The intentions were the same however, this doesn’t happen quite literally.

It actually happened  such that when Vikas had to perform, he went to the washroom and applied tumeric on a tissue.

Since the color and texture of a poop resembles wet turmeric, Vikas showed this to other housemates.

However, things din’t really work for Vikas. Instead of grossing out, the housemates chose to not react to Vikas’ antics.

Sounds interesting? Well let’s see how things transpire in the episode tonight.

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