Official Reddit Mobile App Updated with a Comment Speed Read Button, Theater Mode, and More

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” has announced a major overhaul to its mobile application that was first launched on Android and iOS earlier this year. The app was initially lacking some key features, especially for moderators, so many decided to stick to third-party clients such as Reddit is Fun or Reddit Sync. Reddit has taken feedback on its application seriously and is giving it a major upgrade, however. In a blog post earlier today, the company announced a plethora of new features for both platforms, though most of them are iOS exclusive for the time being.

First and foremost, Reddit has improved the moderation tools available on mobile. Users can switch on “mod mode” in the settings and then be able to approve, remove, and flag content straight from your mobile device. The moderation queue (pending posts) and moderator mail can also be accessed, and batch operations can be performed. Approved submitters can also be added or removed to subreddits from within the app.

On both platforms, the app will now show the username of the original poster (OP) in the main feed. There is also a new theater mode for enjoying pictures and videos. The comment speed read button from iOS has also been brought to Android.  That’s about it for the Android-side of things, unfortunately, as the update seems to focus more on the iOS experience.

Reddit’s new live comment reading and the brand new chat feature is now available in the iOS app. It is currently unknown if these two features will later come to the Android variant of the application. Also on iOS is the ability to choose Safari as the default web browser rather than the in-house browser.

The update should be rolling out globally now, and if you’re interested then check out the Google Play Store link below. If you would rather stick to the third-party client you’re already using, do let us know in the comments below which one you’re using and why you prefer it over the official app!

Reddit: Top Trending Content - News, Memes & GIFs
Reddit: Top Trending Content - News, Memes & GIFs
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