Mouni Roy attributes 7 DEADLY SINS to all the Bigg Boss inmates

Oh well, the Colors reality show Bigg Boss never quite ceases to surprise us, it’s viewers! The makers have some kind of a dark psychological trait in them that lets them comprehend what goes on in the minds of the glass house inmates!

That’s true and we are not exaggerating! Well, by now the country knows that this week, Mouni will be entering the mansion. It is needless to say that the housemates will greet her with open arms. And she too will put a big broad teethy smile on her face. We don’t quite know either the smile she so convinently puts up is made up or genuine though!

We had seen her put up a much too similar smile last evening when she shared the podium with our very own Sally Bhai! And we wouldn’t be wrong if we said that she has the same smile quite literally in all the shows we see her.

Okay, now to cut the long story short, let us reveal that the Naagin will be slithering her way inside the BB mansion only to play a dirty little game with the inmates. Every week we see celebrities come and go out of the Bigg Boss house and they end up bringing out some secret that pertains to the housemates closely. This week Mouni will go one step further.

Well, there will be small bushes kept in the garden area. The contestants will be gathered there along with Mouni. On the bushes there will be names of seven sins written on individual placards. The seven placards that have the seven cardinal sins engraved on them will be hanging on the plants.

The seven deadly sins that are in question are 1. Krodh (anger), 2. Lobh (greed), 3. Shankar (ego), 4. Alas (laziness), 5. Eersha (jealousy), 6. Bhavukta (emotional), 7. Kaam (lust).

Mouni will then pick up each placard and will ask the contestants who according to them is fit to be attributed with these sins.

The housemates will then answer who they think is greedy, short tempered, egoistic, lazy, jealous, emotional and filled with lust. The BB inmates will point out each other in the course of the task but seeing a difference in opinion, the person who is said to have a particular sin by maximum number of contestants will be labelled with that sin! And we hereby reveal to you that Arshi will be termed to be greedy and not filled with lust!

Who do you think will be declared to be filled with lust r emotional for that matter? What about Shilpa and Hina? What will the housemates declare them to be? How could we forget Vikas? Isn’t he all the sins personified?

Do let us know your opinion.

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