Mallika is KICKED out of her Paris apartment for not paying rent?

Do you remember mallika Sherawat? Yes, the murder girl! The girl who made sure temperatures soar with her racy smooching scenes. her famous 17 kisses in her debut movie Khwahish set the balls rolling for her. The actress was seen in a bikini clinging to the almost naked body of actor Himanshu Malik who managed to cover his man goods in a blue underwear. 

Something shameful happened with the actress recently and no it is not another bawdy scene in a skin flick with an actor or actress.

Reportedly, Mallika and her French businessman partner Cyrille Auxenfans are getting evicted from their luxury apartment in Paris for not paying the rent. The couple owes nearly Rs 60,42395 in rent. According to media reports, the Parisian court is scheduled to rule on the dispute soon.

Why is Mallika not paying the rent you ask?

It goes back to 2016. Sherawat and her French partner were attacked in their Paris apartment. Upon entering the apartment the couple was tear-gassed and beaten up by four masked assailants. It was a supposed robbery attempt. Since then the actress has been tardy in paying the rent. According to a media outlet, the actress’ lawyer claims this is the couple’s way of showing their ‘annoyance’ for getting attacked.

The 3767-sq-ft apartment is located in Paris’ posh residential area— 16th Arrondissement. Famous among the high French society, the posh residential area is known for its 19th-century architecture.

Finally, Mallika has commented on her supposed impending eviction. The ‘Double Dhamaal’ actress took to her Twitter and wrote,

“Some in the media think I have an apartment in Paris !! It’s absolutely Not True , if someone has donated one to me, pls send me the address :)”


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