Karisma’s Son Kiaan Is Now The New Victim of Paparazzi’s glare after Suhana and Aaradhya

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Karisma’s Son Kiaan Is Now The New Victim of Paparazzi’s glare after Suhana and Aaradhya

Media is everywhere.  It seems as if they work on the slogan of Hutch ‘Wherever you go, our network follows.’  They seem to have great network and connections because of which they show up everywhere movie stars go.  There were times when media used to only give coverage for the stars, but gone are those days.  Now, media is even covering up for the star kids from anywhere.  Along with the stars, media is clicking pictures of the star kids everywhere and anywhere making them pretty uncomfortable.

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It is a known story that in the past Suhana and Aaradhya got disturbed because of the paparazzi clicking pictures of them and now is the turn for Karishma’s son.  Karishma’s son is the new victim of Paparazzi clicks.  Camera glare is not always seen in positive light.  Especially celeb kids suffer a great deal because of the paparazzi glare.  They do have their own business and with hundreds of cameras focused on them every second and almost everywhere they go, it will be difficult for them.  That is what happened with Suhana, Aaradhya and now with Karishma’s son.

Paparazzi glare effects star kids negatively

Couple of days ago, Karisma Kapoor’s son Kiaan Kapoor was spotted by the media at an event and they started clicking as soon as they saw him.  Karisma reacted immediately and asked media to stop taking pictures of her son who was feeling pretty uncomfortable.  An eyewitness said “Kiaan was getting affected. Karisma tried to console him, but he ended up crying when the shutterbugs continued snapping the little one. Karisma tried to calm him down, but he hid below the window and started sobbing profusely.”

Almost similar thing happened with Aaradhya Bachchan as well.  Last month, Aishwarya Rai and her daughter attended an event when the paparazzi clicked so many pictures of Aaradhya making Aish angry.  Though Aish asked paparazzi to stop clicking photos, they ain’t listened and continued to click which made Aish teary-eye.  Shah Rukh Khan’s little son AbRam was also a sort of victim of paparazzi.  There were times when SRK ran to the car carrying his sleeping son as soon as he got down the flight so as to avoid paparazzi from clicking pictures.  Even Suhana was a victim of this issue.  Once she attended an event where she got clicked so many times that she felt so uncomfortable and complained the same to her dad who took charge and asked media to leave.

Published by Mamatha on 18 Dec 2017

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