I am blessed to play lead roles in all my serials : Tumpa Ghosh

Actress Tumpa Ghosh, who is currently portraying the role of Shiuli in Zee Bangla’s new soap Rangiye Diye Jao, says that she finds no similarity with her on-screen character.

Speaking about her character, Tumpa said, “Shiuli is a tomboy and is not scared of the boys. She even climbs tress. She is naughty. But she is kind hearted and is loved by her grandfather a lot. And it’s his love that has spoiled her. Shiuli and I are completely different from each other.”

“Also, this character is completely different from what I have played in my previous shows. Komol of Raage Anuraage was soft then Molua of Bedeni Moluar Kotha was aggressive who used to speak in a different language. I find some similarity with Komol. I had to mould myself completely to get into the skin of Shiuli. We are different but I am trying to be like her,” she added.

The pretty lady thanked her team for supporting her. She said, “I am really thankful to our creative director Sandip Choudhury for presenting such a beautiful character. He explained in such a way that it was not that difficult for me to understand the character. I am really thankful to the entire team for helping me to pull off the role. I hope Rangiye Diye Jao will be liked by the audience and they will surely enjoy and laugh while watching it.”

The actress, who also acted in serials like Agnijal, Amar Naam Joyeeta and Bidhir Bidhan, signed off saying, “It’s because of everyone’s blessings that I have always been offered lead roles so far.”

Way to go, Tumpa!

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