HTC and Motorola don’t intentionally slow down older devices, unlike Apple

The mother of all mobile-related conspiracy theories was shockingly confirmed one week ago, when Apple admitted that it purposefully slows down old iPhones. While the company’s intention is actually to prolong the life of those devices that are affected by aging batteries, this admission was obviously very controversial on the internet, where even much smaller issues turn into all-out flame wars at times.

What Apple does is it throttles the CPU of iDevices that have old batteries, in order to prevent situations in which the battery life becomes worse. And today two of its competitors have chimed in.

Both HTC and Motorola reveal that they do not engage in such behavior with their products. An HTC spokesperson plainly said that “is not something we do”, while a Motorola spokesperson said the following: “We do not throttle CPU performance based on older batteries”. The Verge has also reached out to Google, Samsung, LG, and Sony for comment on this matter, but hasn’t heard back from them yet. It would definitely be interesting if we were to find out that Apple isn’t the only company doing this.


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