Gift of Love to be spread in Bigg Boss 11

 A feeling of positivity flows through the Bigg Boss 11 house, as contestants remain overwhelmed with their loved ones being in the padosi house! Away from family for almost 3 months now, the contestants are getting desperate to meet their loved ones who have been living next door for 3 days.

The best gifts, they say, come from the heart and not from a store; and Bigg Boss will test this thought in today’s task. Contestants are asked to put together a gift basket and the padosis are put in in a tough spot as Bigg Boss asks them to judge the emotional quotient of each gift.

The Gharwale can add any of their personal belongings in the gift basket that they feel will make their loved ones happy. Hina Khan puts together a personalised basket for beau Rocky with Coffee Powder that she had previously won in a task; along with her favorite perfume. Luv gifts his mother his lucky shirt – the one he had worn during his Bigg Boss audition along with the medal he won in the Sultaani  Akhada.

Vikas decides to send his mother a ring that she had gifted him during his childhood when finances were rather low and his mother is seen battling many emotions when she sees the gift. Shilpa cuts out a picture of her father and sticks it on a family photo frame saying that she has missed his picture in the frame.

Given that it is their last day in the padosi house, Bigg Boss puts the family members in immense pressure by asking them to select the best gift basket with mutual consent. Lastly, the family members and contestants are counting on Bigg Boss to allow them to meet each other.

Will there be ‘Aapsi Sehmati’ among the family member? Will the contestants be allowed to meet their loved ones? 

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