Conjoined Twins Got Separated Successfully By Mumbai Doctors In A Historic Surgery

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Conjoined Twins Got Separated Successfully By Mumbai Doctors In A Historic Surgery

It has been a year since conjoined twins were born to a 26-year-old woman at Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital.  Now, after multiple complex surgeries, doctors separated them on December 12 successfully in a Mumbai Hospital.  The doctors call the birth of the conjoined twins as a very rare case and accounted it as one in over five lakhs.  The twins who were named Love and Prince had liver, urinary bladder, intestines and also pelvic bones in common.

Head of pediatric surgery, Wadia Hospital, Dr. Pradnya Bendre said “They had to be operated very carefully as we feared that they may suffer heavy bleeding or their blood pressure may drop.” A team of 30 doctors lead by Pradnya had monitored the twins all this time in the intensive care unit.  She said “The surgery lasted for 12 hours. Giving anesthesia to children is always challenging, as one has to be very accurate with the dose.”

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Wadia Hospital Doctors successfully operates on conjoined twins

The children were in stable condition now as per the Doctors who have operated on them.  Nevertheless, they have not enough skin to cover the internal organs because of which they have used ‘prosthetic mesh’ and collagen, to prevent infections.

The twins mother, Sheetal Zalte, who hails from Vadodara, Gujarat said she came to know about their condition during the fifth month of her pregnancy, when she was visiting her parents.  She said “The doctor that I visited in Vikhroli with the anomaly scan reports and sonography test told me nothing about my children’s condition.”  She said a gynic in Vadodara told her about the conjoint condition.

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The doctors however told her that the twins can be separated after few months of delivery.  BJ Wadia Hospital has the history of successfully separating Riddhi and Siddhi, conjoined in June 2014. They were also joined at the abdomen and had a common bladder.

Dr Bendre said “While in Riddhi and Siddhi’s case they were conjoined in such a way, that their heads were in the opposite direction, so they faced away from each other, however, in the case of Love and Prince, their heads were aligned such that they face each other.”

CEO of Wadia Hospitals, Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala said “At tender age of 1 year and 3 months, Love and Prince underwent this complicated surgery and are currently stable in pediatric Intensive Care Unit. They will be under observation for few days, which will be followed by multiple surgeries to ensure they are healthy and fit to survive. The most challenging part of the surgery was to provide skin to cover both the children.”

Published by Mamatha on 14 Dec 2017

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