Birthday Special: 5 different moods of Dabangg Salman Khan in Bigg Boss

Today marks the birthday of our beloved superstar, Salman Khan. The star will be entering his 53rd year. When it comes to television, Salman has always been a favorite courtesy, him hosting the reality series Bigg Boss.

On this special occasion, TellyChakkar has jotted down an interesting list of Salman Khan’s various moods. In the controversial reality show, we have seen many avatars of the Kick star. In this piece, we list down 5 such moods of Salman Khan that is a must to note on his Birthday!

Here it goes.


If you are an ardent fan of Bigg Boss, you must have noticed one special mood of Salman Khan which is when he turns flirty. In the previous seasons, we all have seen how Salman turns into a special lad for certain contestants. Elli Avram, Veena Malik, Mahek Chahel and Sana Khan are few such contestants with whom Salman connected quite well. In fact Salman’s flirtatious camaraderie with Elli is best remembered.


One of the reasons why Salman is an impeccable host for the TV reality show is because of his sarcastic personality. Especially this season, Salman was at his sarcastic best. His acerbic liners when the housemates did something wrong/ unethical, was applaud worthy. His tone was so sarcastic that many times contestants like Arshi Khan couldn’t even get his sarcasm. Don’t we love sardonic Salman?


You don’t dare Salman! Particularly when you are locked inside the glass walled house. Every season we have seen Salman losing his temper on the stage. The fieriest one was seen last year, when the Dabangg Khan was so annoyed that he asked the notorious contestant Priyanka Jagga to leave the house. We have seen him getting upset in the show and every time it happens we miss our popcorn bucket! We all are guilty of enjoying it.


Every time something funny happens in the house and Salman ‘ROFLS’ (quite literally), we all love it. Hands down, the best mood of Salman is when he is laughing and is in his cheerful best. The best part of Salman’s funny side is when he laughs his heart out without any inhibitions. Even if that means rolling on the floor, sitting down or cracking ‘Salman Jokes’


There’s one more colour to Salman’s rainbow of moods. Ignorance! It is very rarely seen however, it is one of its kind. If you have noticed, Salman on many occassions ignores certain things or contestants if he is no mood to entertain them. An example of this is when, after a point, Salman started ignoring Priyank’s comments towards women. Also, after the initial stages, Salman started ignoring comments on Vikas and Shilpa’s issue.

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