Arshi REVEALS she is PREGNANT with HITEN's baby!

The Bigg boss house is really turning out to be something viscious! who could imagine something of this sort could also happen? Arshi is PREGNANT!

And out of everyone, it is HITEN?! The same Hiten who used to look for ways to get rid of Arshi, the same Hiten who used to say Arshi is no less than a fallen woman and that she is classless. At the end of the day it is Hiten who did something of this sort?


If he had something of this sort in his mind and he couldn’t control his desire, he could have said it point blank, but he was sly!  – OK… HOLD ON… well , this is just a JOKE!

After a long time the viewers will be seeing the housemates having a good laugh! Yes, in an atmosphere which is laden with mistrust and angst and pretense, people will be seen spending some light moments!

Ask us how?

Well, Arshi Khan is upto her usual antics! in order to make people laugh, she will stuff two soft toys near her stomach and act as though she is PREGNANT! And she will blame Hiten for her condition. After much drama Shilpa will ask Arshi to remove the soft toys and will proclaim that Arshi has been blessed with twins, “Aapko Judwaa Hue Hain.”

Finally, Hiten, Akash, Shilpa and Arshi will have a hearty laugh!

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