Ankkush Baali overcomes his equinophobia for Prithvi Vallabh

An actor’s life is said to be full of challenges and when it comes to doing a costume drama, it just gets doubled up. 

Talented actor Ankkush Baali, who is set to return to television after a long gap with Sony TV’s upcoming magnum opus Prithvi Vallabh, has come across one of the biggest challenges while gearing up for his role.

Ankkush has a phobia of riding horses and since his role in the upcoming drama requires him to learn horse riding, the actor is overcoming his fear and nailing it.

When we contacted Ankkush, he said, “I had horse riding experiences during my childhood days with my maternal grandfather in the outskirts of Delhi. I had been guided well at that time and I used to feel secured as my Mama used to sit behind me. Now I have got a chance to do it after a long gap of 15 years.”

“It’s little scary as back then I was a kid and I had no worries of falling off the horse and getting injuries but now I feel a lot of pressure. I love horses and they are the most beautiful animals God has ever made. When I got to know that I have to ride a horse and learn riding it thoroughly, I was kicked about it and was quite excited but it turned out to be little scary when the training started.”

Ankkush continued, “I am still making myself comfortable with the Black beauty Alice, which is my horse. I have to treat her with Parle G, Carrots and then rub her neck before my shoot. Animals also need a lot of pampering like humans do and the horses love it. It becomes little uneasy to do horse riding with the costumes but still we have to do it.”  

“I have started falling in love with horses but I am still scared of falling off from them,” sings off the actor.

Way to go, Ankkush!

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